It's time the internet minded its own business!

Manage your identity.

Keep it cloaked

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What's it mean to manage your identity?

We don't have to tell you how often your data is tracked by big tech, banks, and online retailers.

Flip the script! Stop sharing personal info like a phone number or email. With cloaked, every relationship of yours has its own unique set. Now it's easy to track and protect connections whether they are businesses or best friends.

Cloaked. Your identity manager.

Cloaked Extension Get Started Screen

Rethink how you connect, just start a cloak.

Under a cloak, everyone is protected. Create unique numbers, emails, credit cards, whatever you need to connect with people & companies.

Cloaked Mobile Home

Business? Best friend? Protect & prioritize how you communicate.

Your boss calling you after 5pm? — snooze'em.
Tired of unsubscribing? — set expirations.
Need a little space from someone? — done.

Cloaked Mobile Create

Creeped out by companies profiting from your data?

Cloak Facebook and control what Zuck tracks.
Cloak Twitter and pause those constant notifications.
Cloak Google to limit location sharing.
When you cloak, the data is back where it
belongs—with you.

Built for protection,
designed for speed,
born for transparency.

Get insight into your data, and control over how others can use it.
Easily define your preferences for every cloak.
Set cloak lifespans, and monitor how they're used.

Stop sharing your personal info, keep it cloaked